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Gay Friendly Colleges Ranked - Reed towards top

Top of the list is New College of Florida, which provides a campus community most accepting of gay students. It also ranks number one for the most politically active tertiary institution, but ranks worst for a near absence of intercollegiate sports.

The top five gay-friendly Colleges are in order: New College of Florida; Macalester College of St. Paul, Minnesota; Wellesley College in Massachusetts; Eugene Lang College/New School University in New York City; and Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

The top College ranked by Princeton Review for academic experience is Reed College in Portland, Oregon; which ranks 18th on the list for being gay-friendly.

The least gay-friendly Universities in America according to this study are Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia; the University of Notre Dame; and Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Here is the complete list of the Top 20 Gay Friendly Colleges compiled by the Princeton Review:

1.) New College of Florida
2.) Macalester College
3.) Wellesley College
4.) Eugene Lang College/New School University
5.) Mount Holyoke College
6.) St. John's College (MD)
7.) Bryn Mawr College
8.) Lawrence University
9.) Emerson College
10.) Harvey Mudd College
11.) St. John's College (NM)
12.) Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
13.) Wesleyan University
14.) Marlboro College
15.) Carleton College
16.) Smith College
17.) Haverford College
18.) Reed College
19.) Bard College
20.) Oberlin College

Posted by Bryan Harding


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By Blogger Adam, at 8/25/05 10:10 AM

I wonder how my college in Texas ranked?    

By Anonymous Joan, at 10/3/06 10:41 PM

The list is good but where is Vassar College, Ohio Wesleyan University and Wells College. These three are pretty gay schools as far as I know.    

By Blogger KipEsquire, at 7/30/07 7:42 AM

Could you provide a more specific link than just the Princeton Review homepage? It seems odd that, e.g., NYU is nowhere on the list.    

By Anonymous jeff, at 12/15/07 8:49 PM

I heard that Yale had a every high gay population. What has anyone heard?    

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