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EXCLUSIVE: Lou Beres of the Christian Coalition Confesses to Molesting Family Members

GayRightsWatch.com Exclusive:. In a just released police report (pdf), Lou Beres, former head of the Oregon Christian Coalition, finally confessed to the charges that he so vehemently denied last October. Sources from within the family tell us that Lou Beres told the truth because he thought the police report would stay sealed and the statute of limitations were over.

He got that part right... but not in civil court. Now we've got the report and Mr. Beres is being sued by Liz Jonas, one of the victims he admitted to molesting. You may recall his victims included his own biological daughters, their friends and his sister-in-law. Because of Oregon's 6 year statute of limitations - he didn't have to go to jail.

Sources tell us Lou Beres even went so far as to not show up for his first deposition and has now told people he is moving to Israel.

Remember this?

Beres has denied any criminal misconduct and wrote that he will "pursue the Biblical response and do all within my power to reconcile with that person."

The three women - now adults - allege they were abused by Beres as preteens. Their families called the child abuse hot line last month, after the three openly discussed the alleged abuse for the first time.

"I was molested," one of the women, now in her 50s, told The Oregonian. "I was victimized and I've suffered all my life for it. I'm still afraid to be in the same room with him [Beres]."

Beres, 70, has blamed "personal and political enemies" for the complaint.

The same sources from inside the Beres family tell us that he is still acting as the Executive Director of the Christian Coalition even after announcing that he was stepping down a little less than a year ago.

  • A victim in the police report recalls Beres coming into her room and "would use Vaseline and insert his finger into her vagina" when she was very young.

  • Another young victim recalls Mr. Beres coming into her room 2-3 times in one night. He "kissed her on the mouth and then licked her all over". Beres then "touched the young victims breasts, touched her on top of her underwear and upon her vagina".

    Beres claims in the police report that he "has sinned in the past". The investigating detective recorded the phone call with Lou Beres with his permission. During this phone call Beres made admissions to three separate victims at three different times. All involved underage females.

    From our source:
    "Interesting angle, Officer Damon Coates who is locally known as an officer shot in the line of duty - survived - is Child Molester Lou's son-in-law.

    When his sister-in-law, who Lou molested and then helped himself to her son and daughter - when she went to Officer Coates for help - he not only rebuffed - he protected Lou.

    She was thrown out of the family.


    Lou never thought that anybody would ever have the balls to sue him. So he figured his confession would never see the light of day.


    What makes me sick it - he continues to be Executive Director of the Christian Coalition.

    And when the woman he confessed to molesting showed up for her deposition - he brought half the church with him to renounce her."

    Read the police report. It's ugly--but it's the truth. It's just another unfortunate case of the "higher than thou" extremist Christian Right causing horrific harm to others and hiding behind their religion. Sickening.

    GAY RIGHTS WATCH EXCLUSIVE: Read the police report (pdf) here.


    Post by Jenn Stewart & G.S.

    Previous coverage on Lou Beres by GayRightsWatch.com:

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  • It's For the Children!

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  • By Anonymous Dylan, at 8/15/06 12:02 AM

    A perfect example of why people shouldn't support 'parental notification'... directly from a proponent himself. Ironic isn't it?    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/06 12:04 AM

    What a digusting man. He never thought this would come out and it has. What will his next move be? It is unbelievable that he is still the head of the Christian Coalition (even after claiming he was stepping down).    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/06 9:57 AM

    There is little more dangerous than someone ashamed of who they are, denying it, hiding from it, then taking out their inner hatred on innocents.

    We have a duty to come out of the closet, stay out of the closet, be proud of who we are and encourage those to face the truth about who they are before they do damage to themselves or others.

    This includes Focus on the Family members, O'Reilly and Lars Larson, among others.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/06 10:42 AM

    One suggestion...remove some of the personal info from the police report. It's bad enough that the poor women have experienced this abuse: let's not expose them to harassing phone calls or identity theft.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/06 11:37 AM


    That's a nugget of a suggestion! Make Beres the poster child of why parental notification can be so dangerous.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/06 11:43 AM

    I would like to officially blame "personal and political enemies" for the fact that I am fat, white, male and love buggering.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/06 12:35 PM

    I am Lou Beres nephew.

    I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the Gay Community for supporting us.

    This evil man has molested more children than is in the report.

    He is dangerous.

    When church folks hear about Child Molester Lou - they close their ears. Or attack his accusers.

    A big reason why I went right to writers at www.gayrightswatch.com with the report.

    Thank you again for being so supportive.

    btw- good point on the use of names. Here's the deal - this is all coming out.
    Rich Galat    

    By Blogger Onanite, at 8/15/06 1:44 PM

    What a jerk. He takes no responsibility for the molestations, and claims to want to take the biblical road to redemption.

    We all know the Bible encourages incest, just look at Adam and Eve.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/06 1:45 PM

    PLEASE remove the PDF immediately! If this document is authentic, then you are listing the identities and addresses of minors who may or may not have been victims of sex crimes.

    I applaud GRW for uncovering this scandal, but it is completely irresponsible to post this information in a non-secure way. I suggest converting the document to a gif or jpg so there is no way to remove the black-out marks.    

    By Blogger Gavin S., at 8/15/06 1:50 PM

    The document should be secure. Please let us know if it is not. Download the latest copy. It's working for us.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/06 4:41 PM

    Regarding names of people who are victims of sex crimes.

    Press charges.

    Otherwise more children are molested.

    I understand how difficult it is to confront bastard's like Lou Beres - but it is better to confront him than allow him to molest...how many more children?

    Passiveness comes at a price - to others.

    I talked to each victim, btw.

    You may note in the report that I told the victims that they are responsible for other children Child Molester Lou had his way with - because of their passiveness.

    Rich Galat    

    By Blogger CrackerLilo, at 8/15/06 7:31 PM

    Completely and utterly sickening!!!

    Next time some waste of carbon accuses gays of being would-be abusers, we will know to remember the old "point one finger and three point back at you" rule, won't we?    

    By Blogger ThomasMcCay, at 8/17/06 2:32 AM

    None of this is surprising really. Fundamentalist religionists have always had more child abusers, wife beaters, and divorces than the general population. For people like this particular creep, the church is his natural hiding place.

    Avoiding and refusing to take responsibility for their actions, is the big bright red hallmark of the religiously obsessed or those just using it for power wealth.

    He won't go to jail for these particular crimes but serial pedophiles don't stop. There are almost certainly more, and more recent victims of this vampire with a cross. Perhaps the suit will give some them the courage to start coming forward and put this human monster in prison where he belongs.

    Of course, most if not all of his victims are in 'good christian homes' that will likely ostersize their children rather than accept the reality they have created.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/22/08 12:38 PM

    I am Lou beres's Grandaughter and im proud of it. It makes me extremely sad that people would say this about a godly man who they dont even know. I could name a million people that started this drama, but they are all my family with is even more upseting. there are so many people who have said mean cruel thing about my grandpa and none of them are true. Even if there was bits and pieces of this story wich were true(I believe none of it is true) it doesnt matter because people make mistakes and no one is perfect. He is a wonderful man now, and he loves God with all his heart and takes care of my grandma better than anyone could. I also know that my aunt who cause this drama remembered out of the blue the nasty things he supposively did. and she didnt remember it all at once, she kept adding little parts at a time. If that were to happen to me i know i would remember it for the rest of my life. I dont think shes lyeing but i think she was searching for something to cover up her guilt for not talking to her parents for ten years, and she started seeing a counselor. After she started seeing the counselor, he "helped her" remember thing from her past. To me that seems like a wierd kind of counselor that almost hypnotizes you, because the more she thinks about what the counselor said i think she started believing it, and things dont work that way...sorry. It angers me that she would give people false information to publish because this website is clearly against God, and last time i checked, she was a strong believer, or so she thought. Rich Gallet who is my cousin(hate to say it) makes me want to vomit. The things he says makes me infuriated, and i dont even know him, and I believe he is a horrible person. Now because I am a believer I am not one to judge, only God can do that. If all of you who enjoy posting molestation blogs during your free time because you have nothing better to do, that would be great if you could leave the judging up to God as well.    

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/22/08 12:50 PM

    My name is Damon Coates. Most of you reading this probably know who I am. This blog says that a family victim came to me for help. This is not only untrue, but after being a police officer for 20 years I would be the first one to pursue this type of crime, and be able to recongnize the signs of these crimes if they were true. I am not trying to defend anyone, but only to make sure the story is unbiasted and true. The source for much of this information is a family member named Rich Gallet. As a police officer I would always have to make sure my sources were credible, and truthfull. It should be known that this person is vindictive towards anyone who calls themselves a christian, and he is also a recovering meth adict who is unwelcome by his own father. The victim who said she came to me for help not only lied about that, but said she was kicked out of the family when in fact she chose to never contact any family members who would not take her side in a hatrid of her own parents who she frequently used to babysit her own children, which seems like an odd thing to do if she had been molested. If I were to be molested, I wouldn't ask the molester to watch my children. I am not afraid to sign my name, and for you to read it.    

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