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Poster Boy: The Movie

The Conservative Agenda now has a Gay Son.

A new movie is coming out and looks to be a good one. Sex. Loyalty. Politics. Choices. Family Values. Scandal. Gay... all rolled into one movie. From the trailer it doesn't look to be one of those poorly produced queer movies. It hits a storyline that is all too familiar in the current climate of our "torn" society.

Actors Matt Newton, Jack Noseworthy and Michael Lerner play the main rolls in the film. Scroll down to view the trailer.

So what's the plot?
Poster Boy Movie GayHenry Kray is a young and sexually active student in college, fully enjoying his life on his own. However, things are not as convenient for his father, Jack Kray, a legendary right-wing Senator in a tight race for re-election. In a strategic political move, Senator Kray enlists Henry to be the "poster boy" for his campaign, hoping to attract the young vote. Unable to stand up to his father, Henry finds himself in a dilemma since he has yet to come out to his parents as a gay son. Henry's mother offers no refuge, as she has long been quiet and loyal, standing by her husband and his political career. With no one to turn to, Henry finds comfort in a stranger, a new friend named Anthony. But there is more to Anthony than Henry realizes. Anthony is a young activist determined to bring down the Senator and prevent his re-election. When Anthony discovers the truth behind the Senator's "poster boy" gimmick, he seizes the opportunity to expose the hypocrisy by getting close to Henry. However, complicating the situation, Anthony begins to develop a genuine relationship with Henry and is forced to choose loyalties between his cause and his new friend.

Poster Boy is a timely and provocative story set against the explosive intersection of radical right-wing politics and increasing gay visibility. Inspired by the real-life story of lesbian Mary Cheney, daughter of conservative Vice President Dick Cheney, Poster Boy attempts to answer several volatile "what if" questions: What if you were the gay son of a right-wing Senator torn between family loyalty and your own moral compass? What if you were the wife of the Senator, having to choose between standing by your husband or standing by your own moral beliefs on truth, respect, and family? What if you were a gay activist holding a piece of information that would aid your cause but at the same time potentially hurt someone you have developed feelings for?

Poster Boy is that exceptional film in 2006, a film unafraid to examine the stormy cultural wars that define the times in which we live.

Poster Boy Trailer:

Click here to visit the Offical Poster Boy site.

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By Anonymous Kaelin, at 8/5/06 3:04 PM

I'll admit it looks intriguing, but the final line of dialogue ("I love my gay son") is straight (pun intended) out of a bad episode of a network tv assimilationist bullshit show. That said, it seems apt considering who our Vice President's daughter is.    

By Blogger Gavin S., at 8/7/06 11:07 AM

I feel that the last line shouldn't have been included in the trailer because I feel that it almost spoils a big story line in the movie. That being said you never know.

Too true about Cheney. "We love Mary"... too bad she hates herself.


By Blogger Onanite, at 8/7/06 12:45 PM

Sounds like a must see movie to me. And the "poster boy" ain't bad to look at either. :)


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