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eHarmony.com Sued For Anti-Gay Policy

First the facts. eHarmony.com does not accept gay or lesbians on their site which is one of the larger net based dating sites. It was founded by evangelical Christian Dr. Neil Clark Warren.

eHarmony was sued on Thursday for refusing to offer its services to gays and lesbians.

A lawsuit alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of Linda Carlson, who was denied access to eHarmony because she is gay.

Lawyers bringing the action said they believed it was the first lawsuit of its kind against eHarmony, which has long rankled the gay community with its failure to offer a "men seeking men" or "women seeking women" option.

The lawusit looks as if it will be a class action suit. So what do I really think about this? Who cares if the site is only for heteros? I'm no attorney, although I would assume that if this business is operating in California, they must adhere to California law.

But come on now folks. Who really cares? Let them discriminate. There are tons of other dating sites if you must find a mate online. PLUS, then we wouldn't get these funny commericals from eHarmony's competitor Chemistry.com

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/1/07 2:33 PM

I dont really care if eHarmony refuses to recongnize gays and lesbians. Sure its stupid, but it really doesn't matter since there are a ton of other dating services out there. I actually recieved an email from eHaromony once and I sent it back saying: "I'M GAY!! I DONT WANT YOUR STUPID EMAILS!!!"    

By Blogger Onanite, at 6/1/07 11:07 PM

But come on now folks. Who really cares? Let them discriminate.

I have to disagree with you here. If they didn't allow African Americans would you feel the same way?


By Anonymous TruthSeeker, at 6/12/07 8:55 AM

I would agree with onanite...if homosexuality was the same as race. But it's not. Homosexuality is a behavior; race is an immutable characteristic.

Further, I don't think anyone has a "right" to force a matching service to accept your profile, for whatever reason. It is not denying anyone a basic need and, besides, there are tons of other matching sites that will accept homosexuals. Why should someone with strong religious beliefs be forced to enable something that is against his beliefs? That is more of a denial of rights than not accepting homosexuals on a matching service, because you are forcing him to choose between his beliefs and his livelihood.    

By Blogger Gavin S., at 6/12/07 12:23 PM


I'll have to disagree with you on all of your comments above. I'm not sure I could find you a gay or lesbian person that would say that it is a chosen "behavior".

Like it or not, being gay is just as immutable as race. We can argue that until we're both blue in the face, but you are not gay, therefore you have no idea.

As business operating within the state of California, you must adhere to California state law. California has a clear anti-discrimination law in which e-Harmony is breaking.    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/31/07 2:55 PM

Being gay is NOT a behavior. It is a genetic difference. It occurs in nature naturally. Any wack job that doesn't get this needs to get an education.

I got news for you. If you are a man and you have never had sex with a man, but are attracted to men.... YOU ARE GAY or at least BISEXUAL. PERIOD.

If e-harmony wants to block gays and lesbians that is their right, but when Comcast and other sites use them as their primary dating source then it becomes bad business.    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/12/07 1:35 PM

You guys who support this suit are all crazy.

Would you force a women's shoe making company to make men's shoes? No. No you probably wouldn't. It is not even discriminating against gays, gays can use the site! You just might not be interested in what is on sale.

It is a private business, if they want to make more money and have a gay section, then that's their prerogative. Until then, leave them alone.

P.S. I'm gay. But I think this is ridiculous.    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/11/07 7:25 PM

God Creates the World.
God makes people for that world.
God creates gay men and lesbians for that world too. We are gay men and women are NOT MISTAKES. God didn't screw up and make a bunch of freaks...we are incredibly and amazingly made just as much as you heteros are. Get a grip people....if we continue to hang our head in shame and not stick up for ourselves against something that's so very very wrong - we will just continue to be hurt and stunted.... stick up for us against e-smarmony, God's on our side too Mr. James Dobson - He loves and saved us too.


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