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God Called, Said You Are a Paranoid Schizophrenic.

Marylin ShannonAn Open Letter To Former Oregon State Senator Marylin Shannon:

For those of you who are unaware of who Marylin Shannon is, she is one of the three ring-leaders who are trying to overturn Oregon's new Domestic Partnership and Anti-Discrimination laws via a referendum.

My Dearest Schizo Bigot,

I sincerely apologize Mrs. Shannon, but after a long train of thought while taking a pee this morning, I've decided we could never be friends.

Here are my concerns.

1.) You think that gay people are immoral, perverted and destroying the world. That's a pretty big one for me.

2.) On one documented occasion while on the phone with a reporter, you claimed that you could not send a photo of yourself for the paper claiming, "[T]he homosexuals hacked into my computer and now it won't work." Mrs. Shannon, this concerns me.

3.) You were endorsed by Sen. Gordon Smith in your run for Oregon State Senate.

4.) You were on the "US Justice Department's Task Force on Families in Crisis"... yet you lack the basic judgement necessary to see that in Oregon, same-sex couples and their families are indeed in crisis, unable to establish a legal relationship to one another. So what do you recommend when these families, some of them your own neighbors, are in crisis?

5.) You claim that Oregon's new Domestic Partnership law "violates the intent of Oregon voters who in 2004 adopted a constitutional ban on gay marriage."

If this were in fact the case, file a lawsuit. If in fact it did violate Measure 36, you would win. I will give you some credit here though. You know that Domestic Partnerships in no way violate Measure 36--nor the "spirit of Measure 36". Hence why you and your fellow self-righteous bigots have failed to do so.

Oh and! I see that you fail to notice that the proponents of Measure 36 have stepped back and are not participating in the referendum attempt. They even know that Domestic Partnerships are a far cry from marriage.

6.) "The spirit of Measure 36"... what exactly is that? The way I see it the spirit of Measure 36 is damn evil by not only permanently inscribing blatant discrimination in Oregon's most sacred document, but locking Oregon families out of vital rights, protections and responsibilities.

7.) I think families are the backbone of society, whereas you could not be further away from this belief. Selectively shutting out couples, especially with children from protecting one another is just plain wrong. As you said in your voter guide statement: "Speaking of families, raising a successful and loving family in the '90's can be challenging".

Damn right--10 years later it's even harder.

In closing Mrs. Shannon, no "homosexual hacked into your computer". They are not "destroying your life", nor do they interfere with your life. In fact, you interfere with their lives.

You are a coward Mrs. Shannon. Your name will go down in Oregon's history books as a failure, a bigot and a woman who held little regard for the welfare of Oregon families. Shame on you. Shame.

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By Blogger Julie, at 7/20/07 3:28 PM

Well said, but I feel bound to point out (before she does) that Ms. Shannon is not in fact one of the three filers. She speaks on their behalf as a sort of spokesperson, but the three filers are Janice Bentson, Aleksandr Voronko and Carolyn Wendell. It's tough to tell who's who in that campaign, though, because they're pretty disorganized.    

By Blogger Jenni Simonis, at 7/20/07 9:23 PM

I just keep referring everyone to this...

During the M36 campaign:

"Same-sex couples should seek marriage-like rights through another avenue, such as civil unions."
-- Tim Nashif, Oregon Family Council Director and an organizer of the Measure 36 campaign, Bend Bulletin 8/20/2004

"If same-sex couples need legal protection, they should consult their legislative representatives. If they need legislation to do that, no one is going to stand in their way."
-- Defense of Marriage Coalition Executive Director Mike White, Lincoln City News Guard 11/10/2004

"The Coalition's amendment did not preclude the state of Oregon from creating civil unions, so that same-sex couples could have the same rights as married heterosexual couples."
-- Defense of Marriage Coalition Spokesperson Georgene Rice, The Dalles Chronicle 9/30/2004

And then after M36 passed:

"We would be against any measure that takes all the benefits of marriage and then calls it something else. We don't think Oregonians had that in mind when they passed Measure 36."
-- Tim Nashif, Oregon Family Council Director and an organizer of the Measure 36 campaign, Bend Bulletin 4/15/2005

"If civil union status is granted, there will be no turning back. The liberals and homosexual-lesbian coalition will have won and the people's vote in favor of traditional marriage will have been effectively nullified."
-- Representative Dennis Richardson, In an e-mail to other House Republicans

"Please understand there is no greater threat to marriage right now than civil unions.
-- Oregon Family Council Communications Director Nick Graham, In a letter to supporters, 4/26/05

Too bad TracktheLies.com isn't still up -- it had some great stuff up on this topic. But now it goes to a furniture site?    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/2/07 2:02 AM

i want to fuck god in the ass. but i like the part about the homosexuals hacked her computer n made it not work lol hahaha    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/16/08 7:07 PM

You are worse than Marylin is.    

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