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Top Chef's Josie Smith-Malave Attacked in Hate Crime

Very unfortunate story.

Josie Smith-MalaveFormer 'Top Chef' constant Josie Smith-Malave is accusing police on Long Island of doing little to arrest the men she says beat her and two other women outside a bar in Sea Cliff.

Smith-Malave, who is openly lesbian and was featured on season 2 of the Bravo network show, said through her attorney that she and the other women had been asked to leave the bar on Sept 1 after a patron objected that two of the women were dancing together.

Attorney Yetta Kurland says that about 10 or 12 patrons, mostly young and some under age, followed the three women out of the club where the assault occurred.

Kurland says that the crowd began yelling anti-gay epithets, then spat on the women and threw debris on them.

At that point several in the crowd began beating the women. The three suffered bruises. One woman had a head injury, and Kurland says that a video recorder that one of the woman had was stolen from her.

When police arrived at the scene several of the attackers were still there but Kurland says there were no arrests, and police still have not laid any charges.

The L word jewelry

Read the rest over at 365gay.com.

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/13/07 4:54 PM

This is one of the most disgusting things I've heard in a while. My thoughts are especially focused on whoever was running the bar, who obviously was colluding with this entire set of events. Asking gay people to leave an establishment because other customers were made uncomfortable marks the person who does it as a bigot, and a very harmful one. There really isn't any two ways about it. I would love it if we could all know the name of bar where this happened, and the NAME OF THE PERSON WHO ASKED THEM TO LEAVE. I personally believe that we should be exposing these people to the light and doing our best to make society a very uncomfortable place for them to live. Turn about is fair play after all. My vision of an ideal society is one where the people who want to spread hate and inequality mostly keep their mouths shut because of fear of violence. When bigots are afraid of having their mouth closed with a fist, and everyone else looking the other way, that is when the rest of us will finally have some safety.    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/15/07 7:27 PM

So twelve bar patrons beat up three girls??? And they get away with it??? This makes me sick!!!

The entire way this hate crime went down and the sluggish response by the police is so disgusting.

This Partners Sea Cliff Bar kicks them out for dancing together but allows a homeless man into their premises or the patrons are so scummy that they recruit a homeless man to join their dirty dozen to assault these women?? That is despicable and perverse.

There were witnesses - the patrons were watching and the cops haven't arrested anyone for the assault component and it's been 2 weeks?! WHAT!!???????

The police better pull credit card receipts and locate and lock up these violent idiots. They should all go to jail for years and years.

I hope Josie, her sister and Miss Durwood sue the restaurant for throwing them out for dancing. There's culpability there too.

All in all, it's a reflection of our homophobic, misogynistic hateful culture.

I encourage people to call the bar as I did and ask them why they are encouraging assaults against women:

225 Sea Cliff Ave
Sea Cliff, NY 11579-1231
Phone: (516) 676-9535

Partners, a Sea Cliff Bar, where women get beaten, spit on and robbed without consequence.    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/22/07 4:49 PM

Partners in Sea Cliff, on Sea Cliff avenue has had a bad reputation for years. The drug abuse and violence is nothing new. The underage drinking has always been going on..The "workers" are a bunch of negative people that only put down people. It's been so bad that Partners is closed every year on the Mini Mart day due to past violence. It's a small tight knit click of drug abusers. I've seen at least three fights myself that always seem to spill out onto the street.    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/26/07 12:40 PM

I've been to Partners many times and it is actually a very friendly neighborhood bar, in a very nice town, run by very nice people. However, late weekend nights, the bar becomes overrun with non-Sea Cliff 20-somethings who can't hold their liquor and are looking for anyone "different" to harrass or ridicule (unfortunately, immaturity is a timeless commodity). Nevertheless, I've never had any trouble there at any time (admittedly, I'm a fairly well built 30 something white guy). It was a terrible and uncalled for incident, but I'm willing to bet the staff of Partners was justified in asking the victims to leave and totally unaware of the goings-on outside the bar.    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/4/07 6:32 PM

it is sad to read all the hate generated on both sides such as the death threats from gay activists who have called the bar to blame the owners for the incident. Bad behavior is not acceptable from anyone, and it usually takes two sides to cause an incident. It paints advocates in much the same light as the drunken and disordely individuals that were involved. But thank goodness no one was seriously hurt. what ever happened to civility?    

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/15/08 7:43 AM

hate crimes are terribly, no matter what the reason. however, this story is not being conveyed in the right light. i was actually at partners when this happend, josie did NOT get kicked out for dancing with her companion, she got kicked out for being rude to the bartender and trying to pick a fight with some girl. she also did not get attacked by 12 people, josie and her friend actually started a fight with two other girls outside, josie and her associate were much bigger than the other girls. and they beat the crap out of those girls, when the girls brother and boyfriends came out of the bar and saw then getting beat, the pulled josie and her associate off. there was no spitting, no gay bashing or any of that other crazy stuff thats being claimed. im not taking sides here, im just saying what happened.

anybody would be upset if they read that story at the top of this page, however thats just not how it went down. i really liked josie on top chef, she seemed like a genuine person, but she def whooped some girls ass for what seemed like no reason. and than tried to paint a picture of a hate crime , possibly to hide her embarrassment.    

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